About Us

Why choose IWD?

We at IWD believe in our motto "Time is Gold". We always finish all of our projects on time. We don't want our clients to wait. If clients want his website to be finished on a chosen date or time we deliver it with no fail. IWD has the reputation to protect and giving our all in each project is the way to thanks to all the trust given to us by our customers.

Our team

Know the people behind the success of IWD

Reymundo Purdy

CEO and Owner

Life is not a competition. It about you and how you succeed in your own time.

Camren Cruickshank

Senior Web Developer

Don't let anybody ruin your happiness. Love yourself and enjoy what you have!

Arely Altenwerth 

SEO Marketer

Being serious is not bad. If it is about life and relationship.

Daryl Carroll

HR Manager

Get a life! Don't push yourself! Enjoy life while you can!

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