Frequently Ask Questions

So you are thinking about getting a website? You've come to the right place!



What the website is fo

We build this website to help others succeed not only offline but online. We also want to make all the business we promote to be know globally.


How the process works?

You will be given a quote based on what information you have provided, and what domain names you would like. The quote will also include information on what domains are available for you to choose from. A domain name is the name that identifies you on the internet


What is required in a project?

If you choose to accept the quote, the fun really begins! Here you start to provide photos and text for your site. IWD does the rest. If you have favourite colours - now is the time to tell. Also tell us if you have seen a particular website somewhere else that you like. At this stage an invoice is supplied to you.


How about changes?

Once the layout is completed, you will be sent a "first preview" of one page of your new site to look at. Here you have the opportunity to change any part of it - even if you dont like it at all! Its your site, you need to be happy with it.

What to know more? 

Domain names and hosting take 72 hours to set up. Provided you can supply all the required information and photos at the start, your site could quite possibly be built in this time as well (extra charges may apply for urgent sites - dependant on our work load at the time).

The process is made easy for you - and the cost is competitive. Sites start from just $550.00 for a full website up to 8 pages, including domain registration and hosting for twelve months!

We also do re-designs of existing sites, starting from just $450 for a completely new website!

We also offer individual services like Domain Registration, Hosting, Photo Scanning and print advertisements for magazines.

Do you want to build a website?

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